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Travelling to the Stadium


Bgm.-Ulrich-Straße 90
86199 Augsburg

Stadium opening hours

The Arena usually opens two hours prior to kick-off for home games. The stadium’s ticket offices will open two-and-half-hours prior to kick-off.

Arriving by tram

  • There is a special tram service, Stadion-Linie 8, which departs every five minutes from Augsburg Haupstbahnhof (central train station) starting two hours before kick-off.  Fans can also use this line from Königsplatz in central Augsburg. The journey from Hauptbahnhof or Königsplatz only takes around 20 minutes. All match tickets are valid for travel on all public transport (bus and tram) run by Augsburg’s transport operator (avg) within zones 10 and 20 (three hours before and after the game). This does not apply to regional trains and buses run by Augsburg’s transport association (AVV). Fans wanting to travel earlier can use Line 3 towards Haunstetten West P+R. Fans should leave the tram at “Siemens II.”
  • The trams depart every five minutes from Augsburg Hauptbahnhof (central station) from two hours before kick-off on matchday, heading directly to the WWK ARENA. From the tram stop, it’s just a ten minute walk to the stadium. After the game, the departure times are adjusted when required so that the trams depart every two or three minutes. The last tram to depart the “Fußball-Arena” station will head towards the city centre, as scheduled, roughly one hour and 45 minutes after the game.
  • Due to flexible regulations on departure times, the AVG employees will make enquiries on the way from the stadium to the tram stop, as well as in fan tents, to see if more trams are required prior to the departure of the final tram. If needed, the AVG will provide the necessary capacity and announce the departure time of the final tram. For any additional transport services after this time, the AVG advises visitors to seek tram line 3 towards the city centre, with the nearest station “Siemens II” just 350m away from the “Fußball-Arena” station.
  • On non-matchdays, take tram line 3 from the city centre towards “Landesamt für Umweltschutz”. From there, it is just a 10-15 minute walk to reach the WWK ARENA.

Arriving by car:

  • Approaching from the north:
    Via B2 (Donauwörth-Augsburg), exit onto the Bundesstraße 17 towards Landsberg. Follow the B17 until the stadium exit (WWK ARENA).
  • Approaching from the south:
    Via Bundesstraße 17 (Landsberg-Augsburg), follow the B17 until the stadium exit (WWK ARENA).
  • Approaching from the west:
    Via A8 (Stuttgart-Munich), exit Augsburg-West (towards Augsburg & Landsberg). You are now on the Bundesstraße 17. Follow the B17 until the stadium exit (WWK ARENA).
  • Approaching from the east:
    Via A8 (Stuttgart-Munich), exit Augsburg-West (towards Augsburg & Landsberg). You are now on the Bundesstraße 17. Follow the B17 until the stadium exit (WWK ARENA).


  • Parking areas P1 and P4 are available for up to 24 hours. The parking fee is €10. PD is reserved for owners of a long-term parking permit.
  • Parking area P-VIP is reserved for VIP area guests.
  • Parking area P-Medien is reserved for the media
  • Additional parking areas are available at the “Messe Augsburg”. The parking fee is €6 and includes shuttle-bus transport to the Arena.
  • A further 350 parking bays are available at Fujitsu’s parking areas P1 and P6 on matchdays. The parking fee is €10. These parking areas are only accessible via the “Unterer Talweg” street.
  • Handicapped parking bays can be found in the parking area PD. This parking area is free of charge for persons with stamps of significant disabilities (aG) and/or blind (BI) in their handicapped parking badges.
  • Buses can park on reserved bus parking slots. The parking fee is 20 Euros per bus.

Directions to the parking areas

There are two access roads for owners with long-term parking permit and 24-hour users. Visitors with an annual ticket or a daily ticket for parking areas PD or P-VIP use the access road via the “Kurt-Bösch-Straße”. Look out for signs for “Parken Berechtigte”. In order to ensure a swift arrival at your destination, we kindly ask that you place your ticket on a visible location on your dashboard prior to your arrival.
Accessing the parking areas through the Bgm-Ulrich-Straße underpass is only permitted to visitors intending to purchase a daily ticket in parking areas P1 or P4 and who are coming from the direction “B17 Augsburg-Zentrum” or “Haunstetten-B17 Landsberg”. Day ticket users from Göggingen please use the access road via “Kurt-Bösch-Straße” and then take the first left towards the parking areas. Accessing the P1 parking area from Göggingen is no longer possible.