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FCA’s social commitment supports various projects, particularly in the Augsburg area and in the nearby region. In a series of events named “FCA on Tour”, the club regularly visits schools, kindergarten’s, regional sport clubs or social institutions. This ensures direct contact between FCA professionals and children and teenagers. Socially deprived individuals are routinely invited to home games in the WWK ARENA, where they get to experience the fantastic atmosphere in the stadium already dubbed “Anfield Road on the B17”. Furthermore, FCA actively opposes racism and hostility towards foreigners with their project “Show Racism the Red Card.”
One of their showcase projects is the series of events named “Augsburg Calling,” created by fans for fans. “Augsburg Calling” has fully established itself during any FCA home games.

Augsburg Calling

The series of events “Augsburg Calling” has existed since the 2007/08 season. It’s goal is to bring fans from opposing teams together to pay mutual respect and show their appreciation of one another, but most of all it aims to encourage peaceful interaction, giving top-level football unifying capability. It has since become a joint effort, as the club is in close cooperation with the city of Augsburg, the Regio Augsburg Tourismus GmbH, DFB’s cultural foundation and further partners from areas such as music, sport culture, media and industry.
These fan-bonding events take place at selected Bundesliga encounters in Augsburg. Other clubs have also shown their interest in these events and have taken up the project resulting in various “Recalls” during FCA’s away games.

Bunte Kreis charity in Augsburg

Children and families who are looked after by the Augsburg charity organisation “Bunte Kreis” are not accustomed to a daily routine, which many other families live by. Extreme situations dictate every hour of their lives. Accordingly, the Bunte Kreis offer assistance in many different ways.
Parents of premature babies, cancer patients, chronically or critically ill children or parents of children who suffer lasting impairments following a severe accident, are usually completely unprepared for the illness or disability of their child when confronted with it.
Bunte Kreis has been helping these families for 20 years during their often year-long road to recovery and have helped to make living with such chronicle illnesses or disabilities manageable – particularly during the period of transition from a children’s hospital to the family’s home and during the integration into everyday life.
Bunte Kreis listened carefully to the desires of each family, and were able to develop their methods step by step, becoming very close with the families and helping the children learn new skills on a daily basis. This has produced appropriate approaches which all have one common goal: to support families and allow them to live a normal life despite all their challenges.

Show Racism the Red Card

The club Show Racism the Red Card – Germany e.V. brings children and youth together through professional sport. This is our key, and we hope to facilitate political education in our interactive workshops – and we are having a lot of success with it! Together, we are able to set an example for our society, in which racism and discrimination are not tolerated.
FC Augsburg has been supporting the project regularly since the 2010/11 season. Workshops with interested schools or clubs are regularly held in the WWK ARENA, in which students discuss topics such as racism and discrimination with FCA professionals. That makes FCA one of the first professional clubs that frequently support Show Racism the Red Card, sending a clear message of tolerance and mutual respect.

Night-shelter Augsburg

The night-shelter Wärmestube Augsburg looks after all people in need regardless of their religion, colour of skin, origin or appearances – as poverty knows no limits. The night-shelter offers closets for storing clothes for the homeless, postal registration (Address), free money management, addiction counselling, debt counselling, washing facilities e.g. showers (hygienic necessities are provided free of charge), and warm meals, tea, coffee and non-alcoholic beverages are also handed out free of charge.

Honorary office

There would be no professional football without the work of volunteers. FCA and their officials are well aware of this fact and thus particularly support the voluntary work of football enthusiasts. They do so by motivating volunteers with guided tours of the stadium or invitations to Bundesliga games, in order to keep these honorary workers dedicated for the future, as they help thousands of children and youths with their futures.
Here you can find more information on the honorary office through the German Football Association.