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Maaßen: “We came through against all odds today”

Reaction to the win in Bremen

First Team 09.09.2022, 23:55

Lots of chances, a wonderfully created goal from Ermedin Demirović and a potentially equalising penalty denied in added time – FCA’s 1-0 win against SV Werder Bremen was not lacking in the highlights department. Here is all the reaction to the hard-fought victory after the game.

Jeffrey Gouweleeuw: “The final whistle came with a massive sigh of relief. Everyone knew had to make up for some things here and we wanted to show our fans that. We gave our all here and came away from a crazy game with the win because we all fought together. The penalty, which in my eyes wasn’t the right decision, and Rafa saving it, was the crowning glory on a dramatic game.”

Rafał Gikiewicz: “We were the better team over the 90 minutes – we created more chances, let less through defensively and won the game deservedly. Given the emotion in the stadium, saving the penalty was a perfect moment. I’m happy to have saved both penalties I have faced this season and that we have six points on the board now. We can add to our self-confidence with this win.”

Maximilian Bauer: “Honestly, what can I do when the ball comes at me from such a short distance? It’s not a penalty for me. The fact Giki saved it and won us the three points was incredible.  It was a highly charged game on all sides, and we come away from it deserving winners. You could see that we were wide awake from the first to the last whistle.”

Werder Bremen head coach Ole Werner: “We needed ten minutes to get into the game – FCA had a lot of chances then and could have taken the lead. We were missing some calmness on the ball and should have played more clearly, both individually and as a team. We had more control of the game in the second half, but didn’t create enough goalscoring chances. We also could’ve taken a point from the game with the penalty, which I thought would’ve been the right result.”

Enrico Maaßen: “It was a really intense game. We went into the game with bravery and an attacking mindset and created lots of chances. Our aim was to keep Werder far away from our goal and we achieved that, which is why we deserved the win at the end of the day. The two key moments were the disallowed goal in the first half for Bremen and then the penalty Rafa saved in added time. All in all, we came through against all odds today. The game will give us some self-confidence, but we need to keep our feet on the ground and carry on this path.”

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